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Blog: Skincare Tips - Luua

  • 12 easy tips to prevent and treat maskne (direct from my skin therapist!)

    Maskne, or a flareup of acne caused by wearing a mask, is a real problem now for healthcare workers and everyone who is doing their part to stop th...
  • The reason (most) people should avoid certain clay face masks!

    Most clay face masks have an ingredient that doesn't sit well with most skin types… witch hazel. Of course skin care isn't black and white. It's al...
  • What everyone ought to know about hyaluronic acid, a hero skincare ingredient

    What’s the science behind one of our hero ingredients, Hyaluronic Acid (HA) (C28H44N2O23)? The structure of hyaluronic acid is remarkable in its ...
  • Finally! 11 steps to clear glowing skin without breaking the bank

    Invest in quality skincare! It doesn’t need to cost a fortune. You wear your face every day, it is worth it.  Most people should only wash y...