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Finally! 11 steps to clear glowing skin without breaking the bank

  1. Invest in quality skincare! It doesn’t need to cost a fortune. You wear your face every day, it is worth it. 
  2. Most people should only wash your face only once per day. In the morning just rinse your face with lukewarm water and apply your serums and moisturizer as usual. At night do your full routine! Over washing can cause a disrupted skin barrier which will potentially result in dull dry skin and may make acne and other skin conditions worse.
  3. Sweat can be pretty gross and can cause skin congestion. Especially for those of us who work out heaps, play sports, and lift heavy things. Stash your gym bag with clean washcloths for a lukewarm, gentle rinse after every gym session. Make sure to wash with hot water and bleach after every use. If I buy a few packs of 10 I am set for the month with minimal laundry.
  4. Wash your sheets once a week with hot water and bleach. This will get rid of the oils, dirt, and other gross bacteria that live on your pillowcase.
  5. Exfoliate! If your skin can tolerate it, chemically exfoliate 1-2x per week. A BHA like salicylic acid is good for cleaning pores and an AHA (such as lactic or glycolic acid) is great for removing dead skin cells and congestion. Don’t use a harsh physical exfoliant (St. Ives). Also don’t over exfoliate, as this will disrupt the skin barrier and have adverse effects.
  6. Always wear sunscreen. Light exposure can enhance hyperpigmentation. Find a non-comedogenic SPF, reapply as needed, and protect that beautiful mug.
  7. Keep your skin happy with brightening actives such as a Vitamin C serum. My fave is the Vitamin C suspension with HA by The Ordinary. It is absolute gold and is inexpensive (~$13 AUD). Also regarding vitamin C, I notice my skin looks super glowy when I drink orange juice daily. 
  8. Want a dewy glow? Consider adding a rosewater spritz to your routine. Bonus if it has low molecular weight hyaluronic acid to penetrate the skin and deliver intense hydration.
  9. Reset your face and clear congestion once a week with a clay mask: green clay is great for congested and/or oily skin, while pink clay is great for dry or normal skin. It’s the perfect little reset.
  10. You might have a hormonal issue or diet/allergy concern that needs addressing. Speak with a derm or a naturopath to suss out what could be at the root of your acne. A common fix (worked for me!) is to remove dairy from your diet. 
  11. Drink up. Water will keep those skin cells plump n’ sexy! *disclaimer* water will not help acne but will help your skin to look glowy!


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