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Our Story

First of all, massive thank you for checking out our website. Welcome to Luua, a Melbourne based skincare brand specialising in Australian pink clay face masks for soft and glowy faces.


Luua Philosophy

  • Simple ingredients are often the most effective.
  • Luua is cruelty-free and never tests on animals.
  • Luua strives to be sustainable with ocean and reef friendly packaging.

Luua believes in fusing natural ingredients with advancements in science. Our products are over 99% natural. We believe that not all natural ingredients are good, and not all synthetic ingredients are bad. We combine ingredient types to make the best possible and most sustainable product. The ingredients Luua uses are the highest quality, sourced locally where possible, and are backed by peer-reviewed research. 

Sustainability. 120 billion units of packaging are produced by the cosmetic industry every year. Sustainable options exist for packaging skincare products, but they are not yet mainstream. We use reusable glass jars and keep our packaging and plastic to a minimum (jar lid and seal) so you can feel good about your sustainable purchase. With your purchase, you can also feel good about supporting a small business. 

Our Founder

I’m Brennan! I'm 29, love sports and the outdoors, and am working on a PhD studying reefs and ocean chemistry in Melbourne. 

I started Luua during the many months of covid lockdown here in Melbourne. I've wanted to start a skincare business for a long time and 2020 gave me the time needed to get Luua up and running. Why skincare? With my active and outdoorsy life I don't wear much makeup but want to look healthy and have clear skin.

As some of you may be struggling with, I had bad acne for most of my life. Total bummer! After years of searching and testing tons of products I invested in a skin therapy appointment. My skin therapist gave me a few tips and recommended a gentle rosewater cleanser and it cleared my face up. I've created a line of products similar to that hero product that did wonders for my skin. I am excited to share them with you all and hope you love them as much as I do! 


The owner of Luua sitting at a desk.