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Are Luua products great for sensitive skin?

  • Our Rosewater Spritz and Rosewater Cleanser are wonderful for sensitive skin. Our Australian Pink Clay Mask is great for mildly sensitive skin, but those with very sensitive skin may experience uncomfortable tingling after application. We have a 100% money back guarantee if you would like to try with no stress. 

Will the face mask dry out my skin?

  • Our clay mask actually hydrates the skin very well because it is formulated with hydrating rosewater, propanediol (natural humectant), and moisturizing facial oils such as jojoba, marula and watermelon seed oils! Make sure to wash the mask off before it dries to keep the mask as hydrating as possible. 

Where are your products made? 

  • All of our products are proudly made in Australia. Our ingredients are sourced from three Australian companies. 

What happens if my skin reacts to your products? 

  • We always recommend a patch test 24 hours prior to use. If you experience an adverse skin reaction or are unhappy with Luua products we will happily return your money. See our 100% money-back guarantee

Are Luua products all-natural? 

  • No, we are not all-natural, and very few skincare companies are (despite their claims). We try and combine the most effective and sustainable ingredients and sometimes that means a lab made or nature-identical product is used. For example, natural iron oxides (what makes the pink clay mask pink) have unsafe levels of mercury, arsenic, and other heavy metals. Our synthetic iron oxides are free from unhealthy heavy metals. While all-natural pink clay does exist in Australia, it was almost mined to exhaustion in 2018. By using lab-made iron oxides we can also enjoy the benefits of pink clay skincare without exploiting the Earth.
Are you a white label company?
  • Everything we sell is unique to the Luua brand. For those who are not familiar with a white label company, many skincare lines are the exact same formulation with different packaging. We are proud to sell one of a kind rosewater products.

Do you offer international shipping? Why is your minimum order to ship so high?

  • We do offer international shipping and would love if everyone in the world could experience our skincare. Unfortunately shipping costs over $30 for international orders and we would be losing money or breaking even if we offered a lower free minimum shipping requirement. However, we do subsidize shipping on lower quantity orders so that you can enjoy our rosewater range. 

Can you refill my jar or bottle?

  • If you get in touch we will comp your shipping and fill your existing jars for a discount. Our glass jars are also reusable for travel, hand soaps, plant spritzers, etc. 

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