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Facial oil is live! 100% money-back guarantee 🥰

100% Money Back Guarantee

We understand how frustrating it can be to invest in skincare products that might not work for you or your skin. We offer a 100% money back guarantee if your skin doesn't feel wonderful after using our products. This offer is only valid if we have been notified via email 45 days from the date of receipt. Skincare isn't going to suit everyone and we understand that. We feel that the buyer should not be assuming 100% of the risk when trying a new product and that is why we offer this 100% money back guarantee! 

If you have recently switched over to our skincare line, please give our products enough time to work. For example, our cleanser may cause "purging" of existing congestion and bumps that have been lingering under the skin. It may look like you have more breakouts but this can all be part of the process. Pay more attention to the overall look and feel of your skin. Is it glowy? Does it feel soft and look healthy, even if a few new breakouts are popping up? If any new congestion has not cleared by 4–6 weeks then feel free to shoot us an email and we are happy to refund your purchase. Thank you for giving us a try. 

Our Rosewater Cleanser and Rosewater Spritz are wonderful for sensitive skin. Our clay face mask is not the best option for very sensitive skin, so please keep that in mind when ordering. We are working on formulating a sensitive skin friendly option for the future (it likely will be powder based). If you would like any clay mask recommendations for sensitive skin, please contact us and we are happy to help! 

When returning any items, the shipping cost is the responsibility of the customer and is non-refundable. After we have received your returned item, we will notify you and the refund will be processed by the original method of payment.

Please use the contact form and our owner will personally assist you with your return.